People Need to Stop Calling the Police About This Smoking Billboard on Highway 10

Most effective billboard ever

May 20, 2019
casey's pizza

Leslie Nolan via Facebook

Imagine you're driving down highway and up ahead you see smoke; you start asking yourself, "is that smoke up ahead? Where is that coming from?" As you drive a little more, the smoke is getting closer and closer, and next thing you know it's in plain view and you start to slow down because "OH MY GOD, it's the billboard, that billboard is on fire!"

You quickly pick up your phone to call 911, only to be told by the dispatcher that you're the thousandth person that called about that billboard that day, and it's not actually on fire, it's a fog machine that's being used to help promote Casey's pizza. 

That's what happened to Sam Sedey of Blaine who posted this in the Blaine Community Facebook page:

"Casey's pizza has taken the hot and fresh marketing a bit too far. On Highway 10 heading west in Moundsview there is a billboard for them and they apparently have a fog machine behind the billboard. Well it makes the billboard look like it is on fire. I called non-emergency and I guess they have been fielding calls all week about it. Time to redesign the billboard."

casey's pizza
Leslie Nolan via Facebook

People quickly chimed in, saying they saw the billboard too; with one person saying that Anoka County, Ramsey County and the State Patrol have been getting close to 100 calls a day. 

Natalie Tiffner said her husband was one of those callers and officials said they were going to contact the sign company to shut the fog machine off because it was causing so many problems. 

If you happen to drive by the sign and the machine is still on, please don't contact police.