Pizza Lovers Can't Seem to Decide if Minnesota-Style Pizza is an Actual Thing

Is Minnesota pizza a thing?

April 16, 2019
Red Savoy's Pizza

cweimer4 via Getty Images

Love pizza? Then there's a pretty good chance that you've tasted them all- deep dish, New York Style, Neopolitan, Sicilian, thin crust, hand tossed, pan style, the list goes on and on; but have you ever heard of Minnesota style pizza?  I thought it was just another name for a Heggies pizza, but according to a conversation taking place on Reddit; it's not. 

In fact, no one can really seem to agree on if this style of pizza is a thing. According to The Takeout writer, Kevin Pang, he came across a story in the Pioneer Press that was highlighting Red Savoy's Pizza claim to fame- 'Sota-stye pizza. 

It's described as, "A thin crust, square cut, loads of toppings cheese and a spicy “passive-aggressive” sauce."

Kevin was intrigued and he started to investigate, even going as far as calling up Andrew Zimmern, whose reply was "f--k no," when he was asked, "is there such thing as Minnesota-style pizza?"

If Andrew Zimmern says "no," then it must be fake news, right? Wrong.  Food critics from Minnesota are definitely aware of the Minnesota style pizza, noting that the pie is surely defined by its large amounts of cheese and square-cut pieces. 

Redditors, however, can't seem to agree. Some say it's not a thing and that it's just a marketing tactic that Red Savoy uses; others say that square cut pizza is actually considered Detroit style and then there are the defenders that hail, "let us have our Minnesota style pizza!" 

What do you say? Is Minnesota pizza a thing or nah?