This Pizza Place is Selling a Box of the Best Part of Pizza...the Crusts

Crust or bread sticks?

July 12, 2019
pizza chain selling pizza crust

Getty Images

Are you the person who's always eating people's leftover pizza crust? 

Most of us love eating the whole piece of pizza, but if you really love the crust, then you'll love the fact that a New Jersey pizza chain is selling just the "pizza bones." (that's what we called it back in high school when we'd throw them away)

According to Fox 6, the Villa Italian Kitchen just added a new menu item called "Just the Crust."  And that's what it is:  Five pieces of pizza crust in a box.

Isn't that just bread sticks? Nope, not when they look like the crusts from pieces of pizza . . . with traces of cheese and sauce all over them.