Portillo's is Celebrating Their Birthday with 56-Cent Cake and We're Not Worthy

Portillo's loves to celebrate in a big way

April 2, 2019

Photo 138401185 © Chernetskaya - Dreamstime.com

Portillo's is celebrating their 56th birthday next week but it's all of us that are getting the gift...of their better-than-sex (yeah, I said it) chocolate cake for only 56 cents on April 9th. 

According to NBC Chicago, you just need to purchase a hot dog, sandwich, pasta, ribs or any sandwich and you've got the hook up.

And while my source is based out of Chicago, they have confirmed that ALL restaurant locations will be participating and the deal even works online; so with that said, thank you, Portillo's for coming to Minnesota. 

P.S. They like to add the disclosure, "while supplies last," and something tells me they could run out (probably not, but you can never be to safe when it comes to chocolate cake), so get their early.