Rochester Parking Lot Provides Hours of Entertainment for Snowed-In Residents

Why go out and help when you can film it for the internet to enjoy instead?

February 24, 2019
snow emergency

Courtesy of Kelsey Saladin via Facebook

For the second time in less than a week, a video filmed in the snowy midwest has gone viral after shameless residents did what all of us would do if we spotted our neighbors stuck in the snow- laugh at their expense. 

Surely there are some of you that would go out and help, but Kesley Saladin and her roommates are not those people. 

Kelsey, who lives at Eastwood Ridge in south east Rochester, spent an entire afternoon providing commentary and music for her fellow residents that couldn't get out of their parking lot. It was so bad, that even the plow drivers got stuck. 

I thought one of the advantages of living in an apartment was that you didn't have to worry about stuff like this? 

With that siad, if you're planning on moving to Rochester anytime soon, maybe don't move here. 

Since Kelsey posted the video this morning, it's already been shared 29,000 times.