Rod Carew Shouldering a Snow Shovel at Target Field is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

OMG, who did this?

March 10, 2019
Rod Carew

© Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

I know we've been complaining about the snow a lot these past few weeks, but can we all agree that it's really starting to bring out the creativity in all of us? 

Just when you think people are running out of ideas on how to make the best of 40 plus inches of powder, someone goes and throws a shovel in the statue of Rod Carew's hands at Target Field.  

Kevin Moberg shared the photo on his Facebook page and it's already been shared nearly 800 times. 

Kevin says he took the photo the photo last Tuesday, so he's unsure if the shovel is still there, but even if it's not, the photo is still worth a share.