Runaway Semi Crashes Into Mobile Home in Stacy and the Homeowner's Reaction is Priceless

How does this happen?

August 11, 2019
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David Peterson via Facebook

Imagine you're inside your house, minding your own business; maybe making some breakfast and sipping on your morning coffee and the next thing you know, a semi crashes into your house. 

Stacy resident, David Peterson just happened to see that very thing happen on his way to work over the weekend. 

He posted a video on his Facebook page of a semi that rolled down a slight hill from a local Kwik Trip and crashed into someone's front porch. In the video you can hear the home owner on the phone with 911 saying, "yeah, there's a semi on my porch."

People who saw the video were questioning how this could happen, especially if someone wasn't in the cab at the time and David says it was a brake failure, however there were some questions surrounding that. Signs point to fatigue and driver error, but the important thing is, no one was hurt. 

We've reached out to David for comment and are waiting for a response.