Saint Cloud Guy's April Fool's Prank Put His Buddies' Relationships to the Ultimate Test

This is brilliant

April 2, 2019
April Fool's Day Prank

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Imagine you're at work and you get a text from a friend in the middle of the day; in the text are some photos of a UHaul in YOUR driveway. You see the photos first and you're like, "what the H--L!?"

A few seconds later you get a second text explaining that your friend was in the neighborhood and thought they'd stop by to get something they left in your garage, but they didn't want to make it weird because they had no idea what a moving truck was doing there. Uh, OK. What do you do? 

We should ask Jamie Dickman of Saint Cloud. 

Jamie decided to have some fun with his buddies on April Fool's Day and he was the guy who put the UHaul in the driveway to get a rise out his buddies. 

He explained the entire bit on his Facebook page:

Who else is thinking of trying this next year?