The San Diego Padres Have 'Anchorman' Races and Quite Frankly, We're Jealous

News team, assemble!

March 31, 2019
San Diego Padres Anchorman races

© Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Seven years ago, when I was living in Wisconsin, one of my favorite things to do was go to a Milwaukee Brewers game at Miller Park. Sure, I felt bad cheating on my Minnesota Twins, but I didn't even really go for the game; I went for the tailgating and the sausage races. It was hands down the best part of the 7th inning stretch. 

Just ask San Diego Padres fans who now have their very own laughably sized running mascots with the Channel 4 News Team from 'Anchorman.'

According to Mashable, Ron, Champ, Brick and Brian made their debut on Friday and honestly, I'm kind of jealous.

Yes, we have the Gate 34 Experience, amazing new concessions, and family pricing on beer and hot dogs, but we a mascot racing team like this!