Is Saying 'Trailer Park' Being Politically Incorrect?

What do you call a neighborhood with manufactured homes?

August 5, 2019
Trailer park, mobile home park, mobile home community, manufactured home community

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We've all heard of the grammar police; but have you ever heard of the PC police? 

PC stands for "politically correct" and while they aren't actually police men and women, PC police spend a lot time policing the internet, looking for anyone who might be saying things that could be considered offensive or hurtful; should they catch you saying something they deem to be politically incorrect, they will correct you and quite possibly tell you off. 

You'll often find PC police in your local community Facebook pages like "You Know You're From Blaine, MN If...". That's where a heated debate began over whether or not calling a mobile home park a "trailer park" was offensive. 

The conversation began when someone posted about a lawn mower that was taken from a driveway in the BIV community. 

Blaine International Village
You Know You're From Blaine, MN If...via Facebook

The best part, is the person calling them out for calling it a trailer park says "hood people live here." Pretty sure that's also a little demeaning, and the "hood" is much different than living in a trailer park. 

So, what do you call it? 

Trailer park, mobile home park or manufactured home community?