We're Not Kitten Around, Crazy Cat Ladies Don't Exist

August 21, 2019
crazy cat lady, crazy cat lady stereotypes

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When you see or hear of someone who is single and has more than one cat, what do you automatically assume? Probably that she's lonely, and maybe a little crazy. 

We're not really sure how those stereotypes got their start, but according to a new study, everything we thought about "crazy cat ladies" is false; in fact, the "crazy cat lady" doesn't even exist. 

The Daily Mail says that researchers could not find any evidence to support the theory that women who love cats are "disproportionately depressed, anxious or alone." They added that all pet owners are just sensitive in general. 

One interesting finding though, was that single women with cats were more likely to stay single; it didn't elaborate on whether or not it was a preference thing or if people just weren't interested in dating a woman with cats.