Science Says Your Shower Should Always Double as a Toilet and The Reason Totally Makes Sense

Don't act like you've never peed in the shower

April 22, 2019
Peeing in the shower

Madiz via Getty Images

I'm not expecting you to admit it, but if you say you've never peed in the shower, you're lying. Even if you didn't do it intentionally, the warmth of the water beating down your back instantly relaxes you and it makes it really hard to hold it in. Hey, no judgement here; holding your pee is only going to give you a bladder infection. 

But that's not actually the reason you should be peeing in the shower. According to IFL Science, you could be saving the planet by doing so.

When you shower, you “waste” about 18 gallons of water. Each time you flush the toilet, you “waste” about 1.6 gallons; on average you pee 7 times a day and if you add in a daily shower, you are going through almost 30 gallons of water every day.  

I'm no mathematician, but the people who conducted the study are, and they say if every American peed in the shower everyday, we could save up to 185 billion gallons of water every year. That's a lot of water. 

Having second thoughts about tinkling while the shower is sprinkling? Do it for Mother Earth!