Science Says Your Stress is Stressing Your Dog Out Too

Don't stress out, otherwise your dog does too

June 9, 2019
Science Says Your Stress is Stressing Your Dog Out Too

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Having a "ruff" day? If you said "yes," then I want you to paw yourself and nice, cold adult beverage and listen to this- according to Fox 32, a new study has just confirmed that your stress is likely stressing your dog out too. 

Kinda makes you not want to have another bad day in your life, doesn't it? 

Think about it for a minute, we've heard about the studies that say our dogs take on our personalities and that we even look like our dogs, so it makes sense that they would mirror our negative behavior, too. 

During the study of both pet dogs and competitive dogs, it was found that, "The dog's personality was not a factor; but the owner's personality had “extensive impact on dog hair cortisol concentrations, which led the researchers to believe that dogs mirror owners' stress levels, and not the other way around. "

So, the next time you're feeling anxious or stressed out, try to relax; not just for you, but for your dog too. 

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