Single Ladies Can Make a Big Splash this Summer with the Inflatable Hunk Pool Float

Who needs a unicorn when you can have a hunk?

April 22, 2019
inflatable hunk pool float


If the 75 degree weather from this past weekend has you shopping for new flip flops, swim suits and pool side accessories, add this six-pack bearing inflatable to your summer must-haves list, ladies-  it's the hunky pool ring float.

Forget about the beautifully buoyant unicorn and the floating pink flamingo, they are so 2018; what you really need to soak up that sun this summer is a playful pool boy that will wrap his arms around you with a smile and always keep you and your drink safe in the deep end. It doesn't hurt that he's cheap. 

According to Elite Daily, you can get the "Inflatable Hunk" on Amazon for just $19.99; which is cheap enough for you to buy one for each of your friends, because let's be honest, they're all going to want to take a turn floating with your drinking buddy and you're not one to share your man, so stock up.