Small Minnesota Town Gets Good Laugh After Travel Site Calls it "Middle of Nowhere"

Is 25 minutes west really the middle of nowhere?

May 27, 2019
Peppermint Twist Drive In Delano

Mandy James

If you're a lover of lists and looking for new places to see and explore, then you've probably visited I'm not sure how they gather their information or create their lists, but their site is one of the best places to visit if you're looking for the best beaches, campgrounds, farmers markets and other hidden gems; most of which are totally "worth the trip." 

When you hear the words "worth the trip," what comes to mind? Personally, I think of a road trip, like, this place is totally worth the two or three hour drive to get there- which is not how long it takes to get to the small town of Delano.  

However, according to a recent article in OIYS, Delano is in the middle-of-nowhere, it's even in their headline for the drive-in they were highlighting , "The Burgers and Shakes From This Middle-of-Nowhere Minnesota Drive-In is Worth the Trip."

The article says you can get a good burger and shake almost anywhere in Minnesota, but "There’s one middle-of-nowhere drive-in in Minnesota that we think will you’ll find well worth the effort to get there," and that place is the Peppermint Twist drive-in. 

Well worth the effort? Yeah, if you consider driving 25 minutes from the Twin Cities a lot of effort; maybe in rush hour, but saying Delano is the middle-of-nowhere is quite the stretch, even for a click-worthy headline. 

Even the residents of Delano thought it was a joke, with people commenting on the Delano Community Page. Cortney said with a laughing emoji, "We're HARDLY in the middle of nowhere." Addie says, "It's on a MAIN HIGHWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "No-where" would be on a gravel road among the trees and brush!!!," and Sheila said, "You haven’t been out of the metro or even out of Minnesota much of you think Delano is the middle of nowhere."

This is simply a case of people who have never been here, who wrote an article based on several reviews they found online and Google analytics.