Sodalicious...Sam's Club is Selling Grapes that Taste Like Grape Soda

Is this real life, or is this a Fanta Sea?

August 1, 2019
grape soda grapes, sams club grape soda grapes

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If you're a fan of Cotton Candy grapes, there's a pretty good chance you're really going to like these- Grape Soda Grapes. 

Oh yah, I know we call it pop here in Minne-SODA, but don't let it deter you from giving them a try if you can find them. 

According to Delish, it's a flavor exclusive that you can find at a limited number of Sam's Clubs and sadly they're only availbable for a limited time. 

It sounds like they might be worth the hunt because a rep says they taste like the real thing with "the intense sweet flavor of your favorite grape pop with a unique tropical twist." Yum. 

Sam's Club shoppers and employees, you know what to do, please report back if and when you find these.