Someone Brightened the Black Blur That Was the Battle of Winterfell and It's Beautiful

We wish we could go back and watch the entire episode like this

May 2, 2019
battle of winterfell

Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images

The week is coming to an end and even though Game of Thrones fans know a new episode and a new battle is coming this Sunday night, many Thronies are still not over what transpired during this past Sunday's Battle of Winterfell. 

We lost some of our favorite characters (I won't mention who they are because I don't want to spoil it for anyone- even though you should've seen the episode by now) and we lost the ability to see what the heck was going on. 

We had to turn every light off in our house just to avoid the slightest hint of glare from a table lamp and I still had to sit up, lean in and squint just to see past spurts of blood and hair. 

Perhaps it was operator error and it was just a matter of adjusting the brightness on our flat screen, which if you think about it now, you're like "oh duh," but it's a little late for that, so you'll just have to try again this Sunday and re-watch the epic battle after it was brightened by a fan. 

According to Elite Daily, the shows creators say it was their intention to make the scene that dark because "the point of the episode was the horror of war, and how hard it can be to see the enemy." Fair enough.