Someone Created Their Own Celebration to Replace Grand Old Day And We're All For It

All you need is a wagon full of beer

April 24, 2019
Grand Old Day 2019

Pat Keith Photography via Getty Images

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that one of Saint Paul's longest running traditions, Grand Old Day, has been canceled for the year, with plans to return in 2020. 

People fled to the Grand Avenue Facebook page to express their frustrations, disappointment, outrage and even a solution that we can totally get on board with. 

Ashley LeMay and Mike Fluery created "Grand Old Day Anyway 2019" after Mike offered to just take a wagon full of beer and walk up down the street in protest. 

According Facebook events, what just started out as a joke, now has over 1,500 people interested in going and perhaps some real organizing might be going on. 

Saint Paul resident, Jeff Christensen had a good idea; he says, "The guy from Fyrefest is available to save this event, I heard." Ha, ha, good one! 

So what do you say? Should we just go to Grand Old Day Anyway?