Sorry Guys, Studies Show Men Won't Be Needed When We Colonize Other Planets

This news is out of this world

June 25, 2019
NASA colonizing other planets

Getty Images


With all the discussion surrounding climate change in the news these days, colonizing other planets in the distant future isn't too far fetched. 

It sounds like science fiction right now, but NASA is working diligently to find a means for mankind to survive on other planets; and in order to do that, research needs to be done on everything to ensure our survival. 

Unfortunately, for you guys, while you may survive on planet Mars, you're not exactly needed. Sorry not sorry. 

According to The Guardian, researchers found that frozen sperm can survive in microgravity situations. What that means is when it comes time to colonize Mars or another planet, men and women won't need to procreate because women can simply travel with a frozen sperm bank instead.

Sounds like an episode of Black Mirror. 

So, what could possibly go wrong. Quite possibly nothing. Scientist say that it's actually a smart idea because space crews where everyone's the same gender do better on missions and have more cohesive teams.