Superman and Thor's Cover Blown at Downtown Saint Paul Bar

June 12, 2019
Tom Reids Hockey Bar

Mandy James

Ladies, just a heads up for those of you who love attending concerts and other events at the Xcel Energy Center- do yourself a favor and hit up any or all of our station's pre-parties at Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub before you go. 

That's where you'll find Superman and Thor pouring ice cold beer and slinging cocktails to droves of women who flock there just to see them. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. 

Last night, before the NKOTB concert, I stopped in to say "hello" to the brand ambassadors from our sister station, JACK FM; and while I was looking for a seat at the bar, a woman by the name of Kim just grabbed me out of the blue to compliment what I was wearing. I thanked her kindly, we chatted for a bit and that's when she offered to let me slide in to get a drink from "Thor;" that was the name she affectionately gave her favorite bartender, Justin, who looks an awful lot like Chris Hemsworth. 

I had no such luck the first time around, but when he did finally make it over, my friend April had arrived, and after getting one look into his eyes, she legit forgot what she was going to order. 

That's when the bar back came over. He was hardworking and shy, and I couldn't help but notice that he could easily be Superman (sorry, it was so loud and busy in there that I didn't get his name); so we joked all evening that Thor and Superman were babelicious bartenders by day, and superheroes by night, obviously. 

Kim went on to explain that there are women that will come to the bar to see Justin, with some waiting patiently in line for a front row seat at the bar. She mentioned he had a girlfriend, but still really enjoys the attention...and the tips...that he gets from the ladies.