Why Luke Combs Just Crushes It

PT explains the power of Luke Combs

September 26, 2019

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Luke Combs has the perfect sense of what today's country music fan wants.

He's the real deal. With a record breaking (6) #1 singles in a row, not only is he a country radio icon but he’s also captured the hearts of millions of fans.

What’s the secret behind this North Carolina boy and why is on such an epic run? In my opinion it comes down to his connection with the core of what the country music audience wants—authenticity.   

In order to understand his success—just use your senses.

The Sound:

His music is a perfect balance of the throwback tunes of yesteryear [to appeal to the traditionalists> while still mixing plenty of rock and pop sounds to appeal to the newer generation of country music listeners.  The brilliance of releasing the songs in a manner that shows off his range of styles is also spot on. 

1.Hurricane—newer pop/rock style song with the passion between the two as strong as a tropical storm

2.When it Rains it Pours—90’s throwback style with catchy lyrics and a great hook.

3.One Number Away—pop anthem dealing with the relatable topic of an old relationship

4.She Got the Best of Me—upbeat rocking tune with attitude and grit

5.Beautiful Crazy—Incredibly pure ballad that lands softly on your ears 

6.Beer Never Broke my Heart—Summer Anthem that can only be listened to on maximum volume with a longneck in your hand!

7.**Just Released** Even Though I’m Leaving—Quite possibly his most emotional song to date—sure to tear at heart strings

The Look:

Let’s be honest, even the ladies are getting a little sick of the “pretty boy” image that we’ve been constructing for a while now.  They want (and the guys do too) just someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin--ball cap and blue jeans, Carhartt jacket carrying a cooler of beer, or a full tux for the Award shows. Combs seems as likable as our next door neighbor who helps mow our lawn when we are out of town. 

Not to mention the iconic beard that probably should have its own Instagram account (if it doesn’t already) along with a search and rescue team to find any buried treasures in its depths!

The Feel:

At its core country music is about evoking emotions—it makes you smile, laugh, dance or even cry but it should make you FEEL something. That’s what Luke Combs’ music does—it makes you FEEL. 

His voice is unique, pure, and incredibly strong and his lyrics touch your soul in a way that is upper echelon in the current landscape.  (Listen to his latest release Even Though I’m Leaving for all the feels you’ll ever need.)  Keep in mind he’s got writing credit on most (if not all) of the songs he’s been a part of so you know the songs tend to come just a little more from the heart in those scenario, something the fans are obviously reacting to in a positive way with album sales and concert attendance.  

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Speaking of which...his show this Saturday Sept 28th at the X…yep you guess it…SOLD OUT!  

Bottom line is if you’re a country music fan, hopefully you were able to score tickets to be in the audience when Luke Combs shows 18,000 people what country music is all about.