Take the Wolf Wake Up Crew's Pledge to Be Hands Free

Be part of the pack, put your phone back

August 1, 2019
hands free law, hands free law minnesota

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The new hands free law goes into effect today (August 1st) and the Wolf Wake Up Crew wants everyone wants to remain safe and ticket free; with that said, they've come up with a pledge for the WOLFPACK to take before the hit the road. 

Simply read the following out loud: 

I, __________________, do agree

to drive all Minnesota roads, completely hands free

I'll keep my hands on the wheel, and my eyes on the road; but never under any circumstances will I pick up my phone

Not sitting in traffic, or stuck at a light

or to take pics of strangers on the corner in a fight. 

I vow to be safe, I'll stay ticket free 

because the Wolf Wake Up Crew made me to pledge to be hands free. 

Be safe, WOLFPACK!