Target Field Replaces Disneyland as the Happiest Place On Earth With Newest Concessions

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March 26, 2019
Minnesota Twins food offerings

Courtesy of Mandy James via Facebook

A little over a month ago, when we were announcing the Twins home opening date on the air, I was pretty excited; but not as excited as I was for what was about to come next- the food news. 

First came the concession discounts, then came the peanut butter and jellied bacon sandwich, and then there was today- media day. The much anticipated day for TV and radio folks to get the first look and taste of all the new snacks, desserts, meals, drinks, beers, cocktails and Twins merchandise; and today did not disappoint.

The day started with a Mimosa Mary, a mimosa-Bloody Mary hybrid, followed by beef sandwiches, Mongolian BBQ and Mac and Cheese, a 24" hot dog smothered in nacho cheese and onions, sandwiches, cheese curds, chicken with thick bacon in a waffle cone, mudslides, cookies and I finally washed it all down with some beers. 

As I sit here in a partial food coma, I'm thinking about the very moment I rolled myself out of Target Field just a few hours ago, thinking that this was my Disneyland.  With Target Field's newest foods, drinks and the addition of the Gate 34 experience, it is definitely the happiest place on earth. 

Here's a list of what you can expect, and there was so much, that I didn't even get a chance to taste it all or get photos:

1. Soul Bowl (section 120): This is soul food for Minnesota. Their combinations include Shaggy yellow rice, JR Jong jerk chicken, Rick Ross smoked mushrooms, sweet corn, Biggie BBQ braised beef, #MPLS mac and cheese and Jill Scott Greens. 

2. Boomstick (section 127): A famous two foot long hot dog named after new designated hitter, Nelson Cruz. It's topped with chili, nacho cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. 

3. Craft Sandwiches (section 114): Grown up grilled cheese, Philly cheese steak, and peanut butter n' jelly candied bacon. 

4. Hot Indian Foods Vegan Channa Rice Bowl (section 120): Chickpeas smothered in a smooth tomato masala sauce, served over garlic rice and topped with a mango and apple slaw dressing coconut milk and crisp papadums. 

5. Roots for the Home Team (section 101): A Bollywood smash salad and a Northside fresh salad. 

6. It's Greek to Me by Athena: chicken souvlaki skewers, feta spreads, Kalamata olives, cucumber, variety of fruits and veggies, pistachios, herbs and pita bread. 

7. Chicken and Waffle Cone: Chicken tenders, maple syrup and bacon, served in a waffle cone. 

You'll also find food truck style offerings in the Gate 34 Experience which included bags, connect four and other games; a bar and unique merchandise. 

See what I mean? One game will not be enough this Twins season because you'll want to go back to make sure you experience everything. 

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