Texas High School Enforces Dress Code For Parents; Should Minnesota Schools?

Could you go without wearing leggings to your kid's school?

April 24, 2019
James Madison High School Houston

monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

When I was growing up, it was very rare for my parents to come see me at school. The only thing getting them inside was a dance team competition, Christmas concert or a parent teacher conference; all things that my mom seemed to dress up for.  It was pretty uncommon to see her in sweats, pajama pants, rollers in her hair or a bathrobe- even at home, so there was no way she was leaving the house that way. 

But some parents do and one Texas High School has an issue with it. According to WGN, James Madison High School in Houston has enforced a dress code for parents that prohibits them from wearing pajamas, leggings, sagging pants, low-rider shorts, satin caps, hair curlers and shower caps on school grounds. 

The school's principal sent out a letter to explain that the reason for the dress code was to "prepare our children and let them know daily, the appropriate attire they are supposed to wear when entering a building, going somewhere, applying for a job, or visiting someone outside of the home setting."

The policy change has been met with some backlash, obviously, with parents stating that it shouldn't matter what they're wearing, the important thing is that they're there for their kids in the first place.

Several news outlets have reached out to the Houston Independent School District for comment but no one has responded to comment.