Texas Man Does the Most Redneck Thing Ever By Bringing a Steer to Petco

We have never been more amoosed.

March 21, 2019
Houston Petco

© Typhoonski | Dreamstime.com

Remember when you were little and you would darn near go out of your way to test the limits of your parents' patience? And then as you got older, testing the limits turned into pushing boundaries and seeing just how far you could go when it came to playing by the rules. 

Well, a Texas couple wanted to do just that when they decided to bring a steer into Petco just to see if the pet store would have a cow over them testing the retailer's "all leashed pets are welcome" policy. 

According to Fox News, to Shelly Lumpkin and Oliver Browning’s surprise, the employees at a Houston area Petco were quite amoosed when they walked right in with Oliver, an African Watusi , and they were welcomed with open arms. 

No one threw a cow and everyone was really welcoming; and judging by the video that was posted on Oliver's Facebook page, he was milking the experience for all it was worth.