There's a National Dog Mom's Day and It's Coming Soon

Here's a holiday to howl about

May 5, 2019
National Dog Mom's Day

standret via Getty Images

They have officially thought of a national holiday for everything! 

Dog moms, I want you to grab your "I'd rather be with my dog" t-shirts, your paw-painted wine glasses or your "dog mom" coffee mugs and get ready to celebrate because there is a special day coming up just for you, and it sounds pawsitively amazing. 

According to Fox 32, National Dog Mom's day, which was created by the dog friendly dating app, Dig, is officially being held on the second Saturday of May, so the 11th.

If you just said to yourself, "how have I never heard of this holiday before," it's because it's only in its second year and it actually required a petition on and approval by the National Day Calendar to become official. 

The creators of Dig say, "“The dog community is really, really special; and we realized that people really want to do more things with their dog… it’s about experiences.”