Transplant's Observations of 'Minnesota Nice' Will Make You Even More Proud to Be a Minnesotan

This makes a lot of sense

April 22, 2019
Minnesota Nice

MikhailMishchenko via Getty Images

In the last eight years, my radio career has brought me to four different states- Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and back to Minnesota; and in all of the Midwestern states I've lived in, none of the residents were more proud of where they were born and raised quite like the Minnesotan. 

The next time your invading enemy territory, just look around you- you won't find people in Iowa or Illinois (I'll give Wisconsin their "Drink Wisconsinably" shirts) walking around with sweatshirts and t's representing their home state as much as you will when you're in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  No matter where I was living, I always wore a silhouette of my state, and purple and gold with pride. 

Interestingly enough, as I was leaving the state, Redditor, Say SomethingDesign, was just arriving, and even though I was born and raised here and moved back for my dream job, it's this transplant's observations of "Minnesota Nice" that made me even more proud to be from here. It's not always easy to be mocked for being passive-aggressive, but this outsider's take on why were are the way were are perfectly sums up why we are so proud to be a homegrown Minnesotan:

"This year marks my eighth year of living in Minnesota, and to say I've grown to love the place is an understatement. But being a transplant (from far outside the zone 4 region) has allowed me to gain some insights into the phenomenon that is Minnesota Nice.

To the outsider, Minnesota Nice is the stereotypical hyper-friendly Minnesotan agreeing with all your opinions and finding worth in everything you say or do. It's a little too much for some and thus easy to dismiss as a quirk. But I think that is a mistake, as this is not just a state-wide thing. Canadians are often describes as 'too nice', and though you don't hear it often, people in Michigan, North Dakota and Wisconsin definitely have some of their own Nice going on. Scandinavians and other northern European nations show the same social behavior. The hospitality of the average Russian towards guests is unbelievable. It's not a Minnesota thing, it's a cold weather thing.

One thing I've learned about Minnesotans is they generally do not understand they live in one of the most extreme habitable environments on Earth. They grew up here and it's simply what they know. They don't necessarily understand there are places where it just gets a bit chilly in December. To them, the half of the year in which the outside is actively trying to kill them is just part of it all. Living in such a mindset is, in my opinion, the reason why Northerners tend to act friendlier." 

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