Transplants Say This is the One Thing They Love About Living in Minnesota the Most

May 27, 2019
Minnesota nice

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Every morning when I come into work, the first thing I do after dropping my thing at my desk is peruse the kitchens and green room. Why? I'm looking for free food; and there's a pretty good chance I'll find some...just not all of it. 

Nine times out of ten, when I find leftovers sitting in a box on the counter, there is one piece left. For the last two weeks it's been this delicious coffee cake. I'm not sure who brings it in, and I'm not sure who left that last piece, but that's the only exception I make for taking the last piece of anything. 

As Minnesotans, I'd like to think we all operate that way. Leaving that last piece of pizza, coffee cake, or whatever, just falls under the umbrella of being Minnesota Nice; it's rude to take the last piece of anything, so we leave it for the transplants. 

Apparently, they love when we leave a piece of donut behind (laughs out loud.) At least that's according to this Reddit thread in which several transplants share their stories of opening boxes and finding half eaten donuts, bear claws and the like. It turns our politeness is feeding a lot of people who have no issue, mostly the transplants from the east coast, with finishing that one last bite. Hey, we wouldn't want that food to go to waste, would we?