Uffda, the Minnesota Accent Was Just Ranked One of the Least Sexiest in the Country

May 14, 2019
least attractive accents in the US

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Oh for Pete's sake, Ole, can you believe this news?

According to a new survey by Big 7 Travel, Minnesota's "uffdas" and "you betchas" come in at #48 on the "Top 50 Sexiest Accents in the USA" survey, just ahead of New Jersey and the Long Islander.  

The surveyors creators say, "Throw in plenty of Minnesota “yahs” and “hons” to get that famous Fargo accent."  

Sure, it may not be sexy, but it sure is two syllable cute- cuuuu-it; at least that's what people from other states have told me once they hear me say "coke," "boat," and "boots."

Landing in the top 10 were Bostonian, New York, Mainer,  Chicago (really?), Mississippi, Hawaiian, Philly, St. Louis, Californian, and the Texan accent was named the sexiest. Yee-haw!