Update: 5-Month-Old Wisconsin Baby In Need of a Liver Transplant Has Died

This is very sad news

April 4, 2019
5-Month-Old Needs Liver transplant

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Update: According to Fox 6, Marcus passed away peacefully in their arms this morning.  The family issued the following statement, 

"Thank you to the thousands of people who graciously volunteered to be a living donor for baby Marcus. We want to especially thank the individual(s) that were screened and selected for transplant, but ultimately did not qualify. There was no disappointment from us. The donor’s health was just as important as Marcus’. However, our disappointment does lie with the living donor screening process. There should have been a better system in place to handle the large volume of selfless people attempting to call and be screened. This would have made it more likely that Marcus would have matched with multiple qualified living donors. Due to the limitations of this screening process, Marcus became too ill for surgery while waiting for matches. He passed away peacefully in our arms with his caring Doctors, loving nurses, and amazing staff by his side.”


It's a parent's worst nightmare- learning that your child only has weeks to live. 

I can't even begin to imagine what Whitney McLean and Tony Albers of Wauwatosa are going through after they learned that their 5-month-old, Marcus, has just weeks to live if he doesn't find a liver donor.   Marcus was born with a rare genetic disorder, Immunodeficiency 47, and he's 1 of 12 known cases in the entire world. 

According to Fox 6, Marcus is living with liver failure and is in desperate need of a donor; specifically someone with "type 0 negative blood, weighs less than 150 pounds, is under the age of 40, is in good health and not recently pregnant."

They added that only 25% of the donors liver is need and it will grow back within 6 months. 

If you believe you may be a donor candidate, please call: 414-805-1437 or 414-805-1438