Verizon is Offering Relief from Pesky Robocalls with Free Blocking Tools This Week

It's about time.

March 26, 2019
Verizon Robocalls

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If you look at your missed call history on your phone, how many of those calls are from a number you don't recognize? 

I get roughly 5 robocalls a day, which doesn't seem like a lot, but when the calls come within minutes of each other, it just gets annoying and overwhelming; and even when you do answer, just to see if you can get someone on the phone for the sole purpose of messing with them, there's never anyone there. 

Unless messing around with randos on the phone is kind of your thing, you can finally make the calls stop. 

According to Forbes, Verizon is offering free blocking tools for its customers this week, which will be available for both iPhone and Android users. 

For you tech nerds (which is meant as a term of endearment), wireless providers are now able to authenticate calls using a " new technology called SHAKEN/STIR, which allows them (and now Verizon) to verify if the phone number on a user's caller ID is the phone number that originated the call."