Walmart is Appealing to Your Lazy Side By Delivering Groceries Right To Your Fridge

Well, this is the worst part about grocery shopping

June 11, 2019
Walmart Will Deliver Groceries Right To Your Fridge

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You know how when you go grocery shopping and you've got about 10 bags in the car, and after about 2 trips (one if you're like me and will stack those plastic Walmart bags down the entire length of your arm so you only have to make one trip) you set them all on the counter and wish they would just put themselves away? Yeah, me too. 

Well, Walmart can totally empathize with your situation and that's why they've decided to appeal to your lazy side by not only doing the shopping for you, they're going to send someone to your house to put the groceries away, too....which is great, because I legit still have two plastic bags filled with jerky, fruit cups and almonds sitting on my kitchen counter because I didn't feel like putting it all away last night. 

According to Food and Wine, the service is called "inHome" and it’s being tested in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vero Beach, Florida this fall, with more cities in the works.

Should it come to the Twin Cities, you can expect your delivery person to be a trained and vetted Walmart worker who's been at a local store for at least a year, they'll have a wearable camera so we can see the process in action, and yes, it's going to cost you,  but Walmart isn’t giving up the delivery cost just yet.