Walmart Has 'Friends' Pajamas and We Need to Find Them Immediately

Perfect for days binging 'Friends' on the couch

July 15, 2019
Friends pajamas walmart

Walmart New Albany via Facebook

What's the one thing you can always expect to see when you go to Walmart? People in their pajamas, right? 

Well, this might be the one time when wearing PJs in public is totally acceptable and fashionable- when it's Friends pajamas. 

These photos have been popping up all over Facebook the last few days, yet we can't seem to find a local store that carries them. 

These photos were shared from a Walmart in New Albany.

If you know where these can be found at a local Walmart, please be a good friend and let us know. 

P.S. yes, we checked online and it's sold out. 

P.P.S. Oh, and yes, we know there's Amazon and Etsy, but we love the Walmart prices better.