Walmart is Launching A Monthly Box Subscription for Kids Clothes for Less Than $50

You're about to save yourself one less trip to Walmart

April 17, 2019
Walmart Kidbox

BlackSalmon via Getty Images

If there's one thing that Americans have fallen in love with, it's box subscriptions. There's just something fun and exciting about getting a box full of new goodies every month; it's like celebrating Christmas 12 times a year instead of just one. 

Most boxes are cutely and neatly packed full of offbeat things you can't find in stores, they're hassle free and typically inexpensive. 

And that's what consumers can expect from Walmart's new subscription service exclusively for kids. According to WTVO, the big box retailer has teamed up with KidBox to sell a box filled with kids clothes for $48; saving you lots of money and more importantly one less trip to the store. 

The box will include 5 pieces picked from 120 kid's brands and each box will be based on a "quiz" that's completed before your order is placed. 

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