Wanted Fugitive Will Turn Himself in If You Give Him a 'Like' on Facebook

Let's help these cops out

May 23, 2019
fugitive will turn himself in for 15,000 likes on Facebook

Getty Images

Social media and the whole "like" button sure has changed our perspective on life. It seems that everything we say, do and feel about ourselves all depends on how many "likes" on Facebook we get. 

The trend started roughly 7 years ago when people would say, "my husband will let me great breast implants if this post gets 5,000 likes" or "my mom will let me get a dog if this post gets 200 shares, " blah blah blah...and whoever started the trend- I hate you for it. It's ridiculous. 

Case in point- this story out of Torrington, Connecticut. According to WTVO, a wanted fugitive, 29-year-old Jose Simms, will turn himself in if his Facebook post gets 15,000 likes; as soon as that happens, he will go to the police station and surrender.

Simms is currently wanted on multiple warrants for failure to appear and Torrington police have given an update, saying that Simms has not turned himself in yet, even though his post is now over 21,000 likes.