Watch Luke Bryan Catch a Fan's Panties; Then Swiftly Sling Them Aside


June 17, 2019
Luke Bryan

Getty Images

Ladies, I know how much you love Luke Bryan, and I know you're hoping he comes back to Target Field sometime soon; but if he does, do yourself a favor and try to keep your panties on...or at home. You don't want to be that girl who flings them up on the stage, only to have Luke grab them and then toss them aside because he's horrified or embarrassed. I mean, what were you expecting him to do with them anyway? Wipe his brow?  

Seriously though, this is exactly what happened at recent show. 

According to Whiskey Riff, Luke did what any other person would do if someone threw something at them- catch it. It was all caught on video and you'll see how quickly Bryan tosses the panties aside after he realized what he was holding. He laughs about it, but I'm sure he was thinking, "Ew."