We Dare You Not to Laugh at Jimmie Allen's Dad Jokes

So good you're dad's gonna wanna steal them

June 13, 2019
jimmie allen dad jokes

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If you listen to the Wolf Wake Up Crew, you might have heard me refer to Greg Thunder as my dad; it's sort of my way of giving him a hard time for being well, old. He's really not that old and it's more of my way of telling him that I appreciate all the dad-like things he does for me- like give advice on any given topic and help me grow as a radio personality;all things a dad should be doing.

Deep down I know he likes it and every now and then to get back at me, he'll tell a few dad jokes on the air just to get me to crack a smile...I try not to, but his delivery is enough to split your sides and make you slap your knee. 

He must have gotten it from Jimmie Allen, who in honor of Father's Day, read some dad jokes for Taste of Country