We May Have Found the Twin Cities' Worst Pothole

It's time for everyone's favorite Spring time game- dodge the pothole.

March 14, 2019

© Sergey Tikhomirov | Dreamstime.com

Now that the streets are free and clear of ice and snow, does anyone else feel like they're in a real life game of Mario Cart as you're driving around the Twin Cities? Except in this game, you're not dodging banana peels, you're dodging potholes. 

Officer, I swear I'm not drunk; I was just trying to avoid the potholes. 

This is our life now, and in my opinion, Round Lake Boulevard in Coon Rapids has to be one of the worst roads in the metro for potholes. 

At least that's what I thought before members of the Wolf Pack started sharing intersections and photos of some of the worst 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom potholes in the Twin Cities. 

This one, sent to us by Preston Kroska, has got to be the worst one by far. It's located by the Park and Ride on Plymouth Road by Ridgedale. 

Ridgedale Park and Ride
Courtesy of Preston Kroska via Facebook

Preston said it's filled now, but you should really be careful around that area. 

Worst Potholes
Courtesy of Preston Kroska via Facebook

Another area you should really just try to avoid is the intersection of 49th and University in Columbia Heights/Fridley. 

Columbia Heights pothole
Courtesy of Melissa Hoskins-Pommerening via Facebook

And while they didn't send photos, several Wolf Pack members gave us the following streets and intersections to avoid:

  • The entrance ramp from 35W north on to 494 West 
  • Ayd Mill road in St. Paul
  • Grand and Hamline in St Paul
  • Any stretch of 494/694 really (near mendota and also oakdale)
  • Arcade in St. Paul and burkle ave near Maplewood
  • Suburban between ruth and white bear ave
  • Hwy 52 south coming from the cities
  • New Prague main street
  • Highway 19 in Winthrop
  • St Anthony from Stinson
  •  45th going from Silver Lake Rd