What the Cluck? There's a Restaurant That Sells Nothing But Fried Chicken Skin

Can we got one of these ASAP

June 3, 2019
Chick N Skin Los Angeles

Getty Images

Do you ever wish that more crispy and crunchy skin came with your fried chicken? Sometimes I even like to peel it of, eat the chicken and save the skin for last. Does that make me weird? 

Judging by this restaurant in Southern California, I'm definitely not alone in my love for fried chicken skin, because according to My Recipes, Chick N' Skin is a food stand that sells nothing but fried chicken skin. Yes, please. 

And here's the kicker- it's apparently keto-friendly. Chick N' Skin's website says their skins are lightweight, healthier snacks” that “crunch when you crave," and they're only ONE CARB per serving.