This Is What Happens to Your Photos After Using the Face App

BRB, deleting the Face App immediately

July 18, 2019
face app, russian face app

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Sheeple, we are all sheeple. 

That's what some people are saying after the entire internet jumped on board and took the viral #faceappchallenge to see what they would look like 50 years from now. 

It didn't take long for someone to point out how surprised they were that no one was calling out the app for being an elaborate ruse to gather facial recognition intel. 

Well Facebook must've really been listening because not even an hour after reading some of those comments, news stories about the apps origin began to appear in our news feeds; and sure enough, it came to light that the Face App is a Russian App that comes with a very loose policy. 

According to ABC, it's a privacy nightmare. If you look closely at the terms, it says by using the app, you grant them permission to use your altered AND non-altered photos however they want; and that includes selling your information to any company affiliated with the apps developer, a small team of what can only be Russian spies in St. Petersburg. Totally kidding, btw. 

In addition to selling your information, the app  immediately uploads your photos to a server rather than just processing them on your phone.  The company says they're using a data center in the U.S., but there's nothing stopping them from moving those photos elsewhere.

It gets worse, you've also given the app access to your photos, meaning if they want to, they can download all your inappropriate photos and send them to Putin and you'd never even know. Yikes.