This Is What Those Blue Lights On Top of Traffic Lights Are For

Red means stop, and so does blue.

March 13, 2019
blue lights at traffic light

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If you’ve ever driven through your neighborhood and noticed that someone had a blue light bulb for a porch light, you probably already knew that this is their way of showing support for local law enforcement. They’re typically put up in honor of men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep our communities safe.

Blue lights used by law enforcement, however, have an entirely different meaning; especially when those blue lights are installed on stop lights.

According to Fox 9, Minnetonka police are installing blue lights to help reduce the number of people running red lights.

They explain that when the light turns red, the blue light comes on; making it easier for police to see cars go through the intersection.

Those intersections specifically are located on highway 7 at Shady Oak Road, Williston Road and Tonkawood/Woodland roads.

Be on the look out.