Winos Are Whining Over a New Study that Says Drinking a Bottle of Wine is as Bad as Smoking

Still gonna drink it though

April 4, 2019
drinking wine is as bad as smoking

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Every morning on the Wolf Wake Up Crew, we do a segment called "Well Meaning Advice We're Unlikely to Follow," it's when we share the latest advice and studies from "experts" who tell us to stop eating bacon, start snorting sugar and give up on caffeine because it's going to make us fat, give us cancer or cause our hair to fall out. 

All things that just aren't enough for us to actually follow through with that advice, hence it's advice we're unlikely to follow; and this latest news from the New York Post falls right in line with that category: 

According to a new study, drinking one bottle of wine a week is as cancer-causing as smoking up to ten cigarettes during the same time period. 

How can this even be possible? I understand that health experts want us to make healthier lifestyle choices, but don't tell us one week that drinking wine can help us lose weight and then tell us it's as "cancer causing as cigarettes" the next. Geez.  

Don't be too alarmed, though, in total, your wine consumption in that time frame only increases a man’s “lifetime cancer risk” by 1 percent and woman’s by 1.4 percent.  Is that enough for you to change your drinking habits?