Wisconsin Powerball Winner Surprises Mom With $200 Target Gift Card

What a wonderful gesture

May 15, 2019
Wisconsin Powerball Winner Surprises Mom With $200 Target Gift Card

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When you're a mom, it doesn't matter if you're single, married, widowed, have 1 child or 5, it's safe to say that every little bit helps when it comes to taking care of our little ones. Whether it comes from grandma who can come over and give you a break, a neighbor who brings over a casserole to feed the kids or just a nap- it all helps; and it's the unexpected help that really makes an impact. 

Just ask Nicole Domitro. According to Fox 32, Domitro was shopping for diapers at Target on Mother's Day when a man approached her and handed her a $200 gift card. 

That man was Wisconsin Powerball winner, 24-year-old Manuel Franco. Franco says that he's on a mission to spread joy with his $768 million dollar winnings and he "wanted to bless a mom on Mother’s Day with something unexpected."

Domitro was extremely grateful and didn't even realize who he was until after she snapped a photo and shared it on social media in a really touching post. She explains exactly how the entire interaction went down and it's the sweetest.