Wisconsin State Fair Adds a Grasshopper-on-a-Stick Slushie to Their New Food Lineup


July 12, 2019
wisconsin state fair grasshopper slushie

Getty Images

If you asked a room full of people if they would eat a bug slushie on a stick, do you know what you'd hear? Crickets. As in no one is going to jump up and say "heck yeah I would!"  Or would they?

The Wisconsin State Fair will find out later this summer as they debut their new Grasshopper Slushies on a stick. 

According to NBC 15, the pineapple, kiwi and orange juice popsicles are filled with fruit and real grasshoppers. 

It doesn't stop there. Also on the menu are Cricket and Worm Tacos, and Rattlesnake Soup that has rattlesnake meat.

Um, no thanks. 

Here are some things you might actually want to try though, "deep-fried milk with cookie dip, a unicorn beer float, and chocolate-covered bacon berry kabobs." Um, yes please.