Woman Afraid of Spiders Causes Traffic Jam on Highway 280

We would've pulled over too

April 25, 2019

papkin via Getty Images

If you listened to the Wolf Wake Up Crew this morning (Thursday), you may have heard that a new study has shown that watching the movie Spider-Man can help cure your Arachnophobia.

It seems that watching the film is comparable to exposure therapy, and when you combine that with the boost in mental health and escapism you get from watching superhero films, it provides a good moral tale to confront your fears. 

I suppose that's much better than being exposed to a spider while you're driving down highway 280; which is exactly what happened to a young woman on her way to work this morning. 

Except for a good moral tale to confront her fears, she just got a good tale that would be later shared on the internet after the Minnesota Department of Transportation provides the details to news outlets like Fox 9 who say after seeing the spider in her car, the driver pulled over to the shoulder and caused some "traffic issues."

They didn't give any further details except that there was a first responder on the scene to possibly help remove the spider and to maybe calm her down.