Women Would Dominate the Office If You Just Turned Up the Heat

Let the battle over the thermostat begin

May 23, 2019
Gender Wage Gap

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Ladies, you know how when you go to work it seems like it's always freezing? If your office doesn't feel like a meat locker, you're one of the lucky ones because I can't even sit in the studio or our green room without wearing a jacket or draping myself with a blanket; it's crazy.  It makes it hard to focus at times because I'm using so much energy to keep warm. How am I going to be my best and dominate mornings if I'm shivering like a wet leaf? Can you relate?

If you said "yes," then now is the time to be brave because I'm going to tell you do something that might ruffle some feathers at work, but it could be worth it...adjust your thermostat to make it warmer. 

According to a new study, the war of the thermostat at work could be one of the causes of the wage gap.  The Daily Mail says women perform much better when it's warm than men. In the study, it was found that when a room was about nine degrees warmer, women got 9% more questions right on a quiz than usual.  Men got 3% fewer right. So maybe, if the office were a little warmer, women would be running everything?