Woodbury Sisters' Emotionally Charged Performance Makes 'The Cut' on 'World of Dance'

A dance so powerful it will bring tears to your eyes

April 1, 2019
World of Dance

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I don't know if I've ever told you this about me, but I was a competitive dancer in high school. Don't ask me how I ever made the cut, because I never had any kind of formal training and never once even stepped foot into a dance studio. 

But, it didn't seem to matter back then. My kicks were high, my legs were straight, toes pointed; I could land a turn and I even got an award for the best facial expressions my senior year.  If my parents had the money to send me to dance class, I always wanted to go to Larkin. Even in high school, if you knew you were competing against a team that had Larkin dancers on it, there was a good chance they were taking home the title. 

And rightfully so, they are amazing; and it sounds like they're still training some of the best dancers in the world. There isn't one dance show (and I watch a lot because I still hold onto my dancing past very tightly) that I can think of where they didn't have dancers compete, or at least get a name drop. 

One of those shows is NBC's World of Dance, featuring J LO, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo, who are now also very familiar with what two sisters from Woodbury, whose family owns Larkin Studios, has to offer. 

Their emotionally charged performance during the third week of the duels competition was so incredible that they're moving on to the next round, The Cut. 

Ellie and Ava are so good that Carrie Underwood even shared their performance of "Cry Pretty" on Instagram. 

I could watch these two dance all day.