You Can Get Paid to Travel and Eat Ribs for $5000 a Week; Here's How

Talk about a tasty opportunity

June 18, 2019
get hired to eat bbq

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I want you to think back to the last time you had a summer job; what was it? For me it was working in the merchandise department for Valleyfair. I made $5.25 an hour, got into the park for free all  summer and even got discounted meals at lunch time; it was the best. 

However, that doesn't quite compare to what Reynolds Wrap is offering. According to CBS, they're looking for a rib connoisseur to travel the country to find the sauciest, tastiest, most tender; fall off the bone BBQ ribs and it comes with a nice little paycheck- $10,000. 

It's really more like an extended vacation than a job since it's just a two week gig, but it sounds like it's worth it to take the two weeks off of work so you can get "paid to taste some of the most delicious BBQ ribs across the country, posting envy-inducing pictures of your food and falling asleep every night dreaming about your next rack of ribs, then you could have what it takes to be the next Reynolds Wrap® Chief Grilling Officer,” that's according to the company's press release.

Tell your boss you'll need to take off the first two weeks in August, and prepare to spend 14 days knuckle deep in BBQ ; and covered in tangy, spicy and sweet sauces.

If you're interested, you'll need to send a photo of yourself grilling, along with 100 words about why you'd be a good fit for the job. You can submit your entry here. You have until June 19th to enter.