You Can Now Buy Your Child Their Own 'I'll Be Your Friend' T-Shirt

August 14, 2019
I'll be your friend t-shirt, blake Rajahn, Unfading Adornments

Getty Images

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, every kid loves to get some new clothes; especially when they get to pick them out. 

So when 6-year-old Blake's mom asked him what kind of customized t-shirt he wanted, he told her that he wanted a shirt that says, "I'll be your friend."  

Nikki, Blake's mom, made him that shirt and after posting a photo of him wearing the shirt on social media, it quickly went viral.

Two weeks later, Nikki, who's a stay-at-home mom, is now making the shirt available to anyone who'd like one through her online store. According to Fox 9, you can order them from her online gift shop, Unfading Adornments. They come in all kinds of styles and colors with proceeds going to a charity, the Real Life Center in Fayette County.