You Can Now Order Alcohol For Same-Day Delivery in As Soon as an Hour From Target

May 8, 2019
Target SHIPT delivery service

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Out of booze but don't feel like leaving the house in the rain to stock up on some much needed adult beverages? No problem! SHIPT is here to save the day. 

According to a text I got from Greg Thunder, the grocery delivery service sent out a celebratory text late this afternoon to alert its customers that you can now order alcohol for same-day delivery from Target. Greg was so excited that he said, and I quote, "I just peed myself a little bit."

Target SHIPT delivery service
Greg Thunder

I think I did too, and then I immediately went to sign up for the service. SHIPT'S website says that you can get 4 weeks free and $50 off a year of same-day delivery service; it's regularly $99- the same amount that you probably spend on alcohol over the weekend- except in those cases, you have to get off the couch and put pants on.